Something for the Oatmeal Fans

Something for the Oatmeal Fans

On our path to health, we had to abandon many of our favorite dishes, for obvious reasons. We had to throw them out the window, goodbye.

Oatmeal was on that list of offenders that had to be dealt with. At least, that was my personal reality; and I am sure it is for many of you. I always loved oatmeal; it obviously didn’t feel the same, another bad relationship that was destined to end. No more abuse.

We tried Spelt oats, and it was a reasonable substitute to fill the void, so was Quinoa. However, recently I stumbled on something that I found to be even a better replacement.

For a little while, we had purchased some Kamut grains on Amazon. At first, it was regrettable, due to the difficulty in cooking it.

About a few weeks ago, I decided that I am going to try a new method, working a little magic. I am going to soak this thing overnight, then blend it and make me some porridge/cereal with it. So it did, and it worked, beyond my expectations.

The result was very pleasing, I loved it, and now we are sharing it with you. So, if you love oatmeal, you should definitely love this.

Check out the recipe here

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