Spring Cleaning Season: Bathing Your Blood

Spring Cleaning Season: Bathing Your Blood

Here are your ingredients for the springtime; dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric and yellow dock. Springtime is the time of year you are supposed to cleanse your blood in preparation for your rebirth.

It is the time of rejuvenation in Nature. Make your resolutions then because it is the real New Year, the one that discards the burdens of the old.

So, grab those ingredients and let the ceremony begin, it’s bathing time for the spirit, mind, and body. Pour the herbs in water and have a sip; it’s time to bathe your blood.

Some people’s blood is filled with contaminants; obstructions that stand in the way of our Sun making a strong connection with them.  Our Sun is our life support, Nature’s battery, but when our cells are corroded, no proper connection can be established

This barrier will prevent our cells from receiving the necessary knowledge from our Sun and also prevents it from properly nourishing us.

Those herbs listed above are your answer to cleanse your blood: dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric and yellow dock root, and don’t forget to add a little lime to the mix.

Spring and summer are coming soon and it is time for you to prepare yourselves to greet our Sun. Frankly, it is always time, but the spring and summer time are amplified seasons.

These herbs are for the purpose of cleansing the liver and kidney, your two champions of the purification process. At least, have a glass of this goodness in the morning and in the night; then relax and let the light of our Sun shine through.

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