STEALING EGYPT: Separating Africa from the Africans

Denying truth and reality
In summary, all this video is basically saying is… something that is evident to the eyes, something that is validated by reality – is actually uncertain and unverifiable. Therefore, we will have to rely on science for complete validation and to reveal the correct answers. This simply means… they are going to use their “science” to manipulate truth.

In the same breath of the presenter, in the video, showing images of how the ancient Egyptians depicted themselves, he is saying, we do not know what they looked like. In other words, he is postulating that not even the words “from the horse’s mouth” are valid. Meaning, what the Egyptians said about themselves is incorrect; the only thing that is qualified is what they (western scientists) say. This isn’t any different than if someone was to say, “I don’t know the color of this green leave that I am looking at; I need science to validate its color”.

Only someone with a hidden agenda will go into Egypt, see numerous images of how they, the Egyptians, depicted themselves and still ask the question… “Who were the ancient Egyptians?” The only person who will ask such a silly question is one who is unsatisfied with the truth, obvious answer and evidence that is revealed clearly right before their eyes.

Hair color and texture doesn’t mean much
They are using “evidence” that is not an exclusion to Indigenous people to say or imply that these discovered mummies are not of Indigenous genetics. Some of the mummies they found with straight red/blonde hair, also had, what would be considered as typical Negroid features. This simply means that neither the color nor texture of the hair creates a distinction of “race”. It is not very uncommon for Indigenous people to have blond or red hair and all the different variations of skin tones. Let us also not forget that there are numerous historical documents that confirmed that the ancient Egyptians were applying methods to change both the color and texture of their hair.

Stealing Egypt

Above: Indigenous People From Solomon Islands. Left: Rastafarian’s locks turn red at the ends at it ages. Right: Yellow/blonde hair locks of Indigenous man.

Also, it is important to understand the texture of an Indigenous person’s hair changes with time. For example, a newborn of Indigenous roots has straight hair before it becomes wooly. And as they age, it also becomes thinner and less coiled. Therefore, it is not impossible for the wooly hair to become straight or change color over long periods of time. Furthermore, there are a lot of Indigenous people with wavy hair. Google images of Australian aborigines

Time adds context and substantiates truth
It is true that ancient Egypt was multicultural, but is important to put in context, which era of it was. By the ancient Egyptians own records, multiculturalism entered during the period of its collapse. Given this understanding, any research on this topic should always be supported by accurate dating, and surely enough, their research does not provide this. They are and will always be ambiguous with time/dating because it is an obstacle to their deception.

Impractical, subjective and illegitimate scientific research
If the presenter had said, “according to science, there were red hair and blonde hair Egyptians” many of you would believe without questioning it. Then you will argue that it is proven by science, non-debatable. Well, that is what some of you think. Skip to about 5 minutes into the presentation and take a look at how Dr. Janet Davey executed her experiment. She conducted an experiment for 40 days to make a determination about something that possibly took hundreds or thousands of years to unfold.
Once you see the methods in which many of these “scientists” carry out their experiments, you will realize that they are not as credible as they would like you to believe. None of these scientists are in any position to determine how long it would take for the hair to change color. They don’t even know the full process of mummification. How can they definitively tell you about the cause of anything?

Masters of deception and the art of deceiving.
Pay close attention to this presenter, and how he seamlessly uses theories as proof, in the attempt to substantiate his personal objectives. You should also pay close attention to how they convince people to trust in their pseudo-science and theories through manipulation and intimidation. Listen to the things he placed emphasis on, and how they go about discrediting reality in exchange for their so-called science.

For example: starting from about 20 seconds to the 1-minute mark of the video, listen to how manipulative he is. He placed the clear evidence that supports the true identity of the ancient Egyptians in the category of BELIEFS. Basically, he is claiming that the idea of an exclusively Negroid Egyptian dynasty is invalid.

While doing that, notice how he relentlessly promotes the tools (science) that supposedly refutes this and supports his obvious agenda. Listen to how crafty his language is, he said: “But in our ENLIGHTENED and TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCED era where we possess GREATLY ENHANCED CAPABILITIES and FORENSIC SCIENCE. Certain MIND BLOWING archaeological discoveries and EVIDENCE…” Basically, he is crafting his words skillfully in a way that will win your trust in their science, to remove any potential doubt you might have.

Ending remarks
If you listen closely to everything he said in the video, you would realize that it is all theories wrapped in very crafty and ambiguous language, no solid proof. There are much more flaws in this video, but we will end it here for now. After all, we are not trying to write a book-long response.

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