Step by Step: One Day at a Time

Step by Step: One Day at a

It would be an injustice to abandon something that is good for you… on the account of being unable to enforce it perfectly. In other words, not because you cannot do something in totality doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be encouraged to at least do a little. Improvement is the primary object; the idea is to do better.

“Doing a little is much better than not doing anything.”

Improvement can only come about by taking that first step. Giving up easily on something that can make your life better will forever be regrettable. The goal is to make progress, step by step, instead of forcing yourself into premature perfection.

Perfection should not be obtained by force, whenever this happens people are more likely to revert back to their previous and undesirable state of living. Take your time and allow the transition to happen smoothly and naturally.

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