Supreme Fundamentals for a Lasting Relationship

Supreme Fundamentals for a Lasting Relationship

The house you build is only as strong as the foundation you build it on. Relationships that are primarily built on superficial beauty will not last, such beauty is perishable, and when it expire so will the relationship. Once a couple no longer possesses the physical beauty that attracted them to each other, their love will weaken and abandonment is more likely to take place.

Unlike physical beauty, a beautiful spirit doesn’t grow old or weak; it does the opposite, it gets stronger as it ages. A relationship that is built on spiritual attraction will last forever and the passion will not fade because a good spirit is eternal. The nature of such relationship is also peaceful and comforting; free of jealousy, competition and many of the burdens that comes with superficial attachments.

In our quest for love we must learn how to seek those possessing spiritual beauty. Physical attributes should be at most, a secondary quality. Physical beauty is also not very special or unique, it is very replaceable, you can easily swap one physically beautiful partner for another and it will not make much difference to you. A beautiful spirit, however, is much different; once you are in love with someone’s spirit you will realize that you will never meet someone else who can replace that person.

Most relationships today are dysfunctional because physical beauty is the glue that is holding them together, and that is a very "weak glue". To build a lifelong relationship on this principle is not much different than holding on to a broken limb to save your life, eventually the limb will break entirely off.

If people learn to appreciate and invest time into perfecting spiritual beauty the pressure of trying to preserve and achieve superficial beauty will be lifted. They no longer will have to worry so much about cosmetic and surgical procedures that only abuse their body. This vain sense of beauty is also highly responsible for creating the state of insecurity and the feelings of being inferior within many people.

Please note: This understanding is not for people who feel physically unattractive and are therefore trying to discredit that concept of beauty to make them feel better within. It is the true principle that we should all live by, whether we are labeled as the most physically beautiful or the ugliest.

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