Conscious Religion: Symbolic Weapons

Conscious Religion: Symbolic Weapons

Visualize yourself on a battleground, standing face to face with your most formidable enemy. Staring directly into his eyes as you countdown to the final second.

Your heart beats faster by the seconds, but you are not afraid, you feel confident in securing the victory. You whispered to yourself, “He is no match for me, with this weapon, this gun I have by my side, who dares to challenge me.”

Then suddenly, the final moment arrived, quickly you reach for your gun, without hesitation you fired. The trigger is pulled, but the enemy is still standing. No bullets to be found, no bang from your gun, only a stream of water floating in thin air.

You stood in shock, frightened. Finally, you looked at your gun, only to find out it is not real, it is plastic; colored in black to fool you, to make you think you had something… when in fact you don’t.

Suddenly, your world changes, everything is upside down. Your enemy’s fear is all gone, and now you are just a joke to him, completely laughable.

When I think about this story, I see many of us in the position of the person holding the plastic gun, thinking is real and that we are fully armed. Until one day we are challenged, and that is when reality finds us unprepared.

The circle of so-called consciousness people is filled with teachers that build people up on the idea of thinking that they are offering you something of substance, but in actuality, it is all emptiness. You cannot use that information anywhere; it will completely discredit you.

The information that most of you are welcoming is not something you can take and apply to your life to make it better, or defeat your adversaries. It only makes you feel good, offering a false sense of victory, much like a religious construct.

Once the students of this environment engage with the outside world, they face immediate defeat almost every time. The only thing they have in their defense is bullyism, name calling, blame game or the guilt trip. They are incapable of intellectually and articulately convey their points.

If you cannot prove what you have learned to others or if it is not something that is tangible that you can take and apply it to your life meaningfully, it is more likely garbage that you should abandon.

Spend your time acquiring useful information that is tangible and provable, not as an admission to your personal belief, but provable to anyone.

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