The Ancestry DNA Theory

The Ancestry DNA Theory

Modern DNA tests do have the capabilities to determine your “ethnicity”, no one can dispute this. However, it cannot determine your place of origin, based on ancient ancestry lineage. This feature of the test is based on assumptions. It is an assumption driven by a theory; specifically, the theory of evolution – the unproven religious belief that claims that all Indigenous people are Africans.

Ancestry DNA tests is a concept in which man tries to combine science with belief to satisfy their own political agenda. Somehow, for some strange and obvious reason, the results from these tests, falls right in alignment with the Western political agendas. It accounts for the reason why about 98% of all Indigenous (Black) people’s ancestry test will not link them to a Kemetic (Egypt, Africa) origin. The same rule applies to Israel, which is also a part of Africa. Why? Well, because they have an agenda to erase the true Indigenous identity of the people of these lands.

Ancestry DNA testing appears to be a fixed system, that assigns people to predetermined geographical origins based on their DNA types, which isn’t really based on any factual ancient data. According to these tests, if you and someone from Africa share similar genetics, they are going to assume that you originated from those people.

In Nature, it is common for species to share similar genetics, and this doesn’t always mean that one originated from the other. Furthermore, each individual’s family tree is far too diverse for anyone to reduce it to only a few points of origin. We are not saying that DNA testing cannot be used connect a family tree; it can, but that is only relative to very recent lineage.

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