The Better Choices for Bottled Water

There are two aspects of water that determines its quality. The most common aspect that many people tend to be concerned about is the cleanness of their water. For them, good water is clean water, water that is free of chemicals and dirt. Though this is a very necessary quality, it is still not enough to alleviate your concerns about the quality of the water.
The other aspect which is not so frequently brought up is, the potency of the water. Your water shouldn’t only be clean, it should also be potent. To be potent means it carriers a negative electrical charge, which is the most dangerous enemy of any disease.
Better Choices for Bottled Water
From left to right: 1. Blk.| 2. Essentia | 3.Evamor | 4. FIJI
Most generic spring water is positively charged, which means that they are acidic. They promote corrosion in the body and that creates a suitable environment for disease to flourish. Real spring water, is however very potent and is not to be confused with generic bottled spring water.
Above is a list of some of recommended bottled waters with high potency you should get whenever you are on the go. Always search for the PH balance of the water, make sure it is about 7.0. Also make sure that it is coming from a natural source (spring) as opposed to being alkalized (PH) by Electrolysis.

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