The Better Choices for Toothpastes

The Better Choices for Toothpastes
One of the primary reasons why commercialized toothpastes are very unhealthy is because they contain fluoride. It is banned in many countries including: Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Fluoride, a substance that is more toxic than even lead is restricted from being used in over 45 cities in the United States. Unfortunately, there is still a very large percentage of the population that has yet to adapt this example. Until it becomes globalized, it is our responsibility to affect this change in our immediate household as best as we can.
Fluoride is not the only dangerous ingredient in commercialized toothpastes; it is only the most prominent. Other deadly ingredients includes hydrated silica, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), titanium dioxide and triclosan.
It is said that the Nazis used fluoride as a tool to make their subjects docile (easier to control). The use of fluoride can cause acute poisoning, birth defects, brain damage, bone cancer, gastrointestinal disorder, immune suppression, osteoarthritis, perinatal death, skeletal fluorosis and uterine cancer.
There are quite a few fluoride and toxic free toothpaste alternatives out there. My personal favorite is the vegetable base NEEM toothpastes. It is not good enough to just refrain from hazardous substances, you should be seeking alternatives that also offer benefits and neem does exactly that. Neem is a super herb, some of its health benefits includes: antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, arthritis, blood purifier, burns, cancer, constipation, deworming agent, diabetes, indigestion, insect repellent, malaria, oral health and skin infections.

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