The Buffalo VS. The Lion

The Buffalo VS. The Lion

I just watched a video with two lions trying to take down a buffalo.

Those lions did beat up on the buffalo really badly, but in the end, the buffalo was able to make its escape.

Whether or not the buffalo is stronger than the lion… that is not really important here. What is important is the perspective on how we should look at life. And we can use the relationship between these two animals as a guide.

Even if the lion is stronger than the buffalo, you will never see the buffalo change its way of living to that of the lion, in hopes to be as strong as the lion.

The buffalo is wise enough to understand that despite that it bears close similarities with the lion; there are fundamental differences that should never be ignored.

It understands that any chance of it beating the lion will only be possible by sticking to its way of living.

The buffalo knows that eating like a lion will not only, not make it as strong as the lion, but much weaker if it abandons its native diet.

It is common nature for people to fashion their ways in the likeness of those they see as dominant. But like the buffalo, you have to be wise in choosing the correct example to follow.

Follow wisely… and not blindly.

You will never be able to compete by adopting the lifestyle of anyone who is unlike you.

Yes, you may know that you are neither a lion nor buffalo. Still, many of you don’t really know who you are… as you should. Know thyself.

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