The Day Change Will Come

The Day Change Will Come

Change is not something you wait for, it is something you create. Before anyone can have a desire for change they must first acquire a reason for wanting that change. It is our (all of us) job to provide the reason, to share the awareness that we all need to pay attention to. Because of the fear of responsibility, many of us shun knowledge that are necessary for our liberation while we are only receptive to what we want to hear, things that are comforting and free of accountability. If you should cater to these shortcomings you would be doing yourselves a disservice. You should refrain from feel-good doctrines, which only disguise reality, make light of our struggles and leave us without answers.

Many among us have abandoned the common religious circles and have formed others that carry the same flaws that they were critical of. They have blindly traded one system of belief for another while failing to realize that anything that cannot be proven will never be strong enough to liberate a fallen nation.

Change will come the day when our idea of success is no longer in alignment with the ones of the western world. Until we free ourselves of the desires that are parallel to this world; until our love for vanity holds no greater value than our love for our own pride and integrity, we will never see change.

The savior that we are waiting for is none but our own selves; the answer is within each and every one of us. Greatness lives within us, it may be dormant for some but it exists and needs to be revived. Knowledge and awareness is how we bring forth the necessity of greatness, but this cannot be done if we are selective of what we choose to hear and not what we need to hear.

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