The Devil is in Your Gut: Diet’s Connection to Demons

The Devil is in Your Gut

Whenever you are having a craving for bad foods, it is not really you who is making that decision, it is something else that lives within you, specifically in your gut. They are foreign agents that have invaded your body, primarily by way of the food you eat. Contrary to what some may believe, foods don’t only nourish our body. They also introduce specific types of cultures to it, depending if the food is good or bad.

Your body was not naturally designed to crave things that are bad for it. So then why do some people crave bad foods? The answer to this question lies in the same reason why many people have an inclination towards doing bad things; there is a common factor at cause.

Bad foods contain bad bacteria; which are extremely tiny microscopic entities that are capable of initiating communication in our body. Including, sending messages to our brain and throughout our entire body. These bad bacteria primarily exist in our stomach (gut). The stomach is connected to our brain by way of the vagus nerve; which allows our stomach to communicate with our brain. It is also by this communication our brain knows when we are hungry and when our stomach is full.

Over time, when you eat bad foods, the bad bacteria will exceedingly outnumber the good ones in your stomach. Meaning, your healthy bacteria will no longer be in control, they will be colonized by bad ones. The good bacteria, which normally would be the ones sending messages to the brain will be silenced by the new chief in town, the bad bacteria.

This new chief (bad bacteria) is of a certain family type, one of a destructive nature. Whenever they send a message to your brain, it will be consistent with that which is supportive of their existence and nature. In other words, the bad bacteria are making demands for foods that enable them to survive and flourish. Your stomach is the base, the capital location where all this colonizing operation is initiated.

This is why people who are raised on unhealthy (bad) foods find it difficult in giving them up. It is due to this colonization of bad bacteria that has taken control of their gut and the messages sent to their brain via the vagus nerve. For example, whenever someone is having a craving for dairy, it is not them who are asking for it, it is the bad bacteria in their gut that have appropriated their vagus nerve and making these demands.

In other words, they are dictating to you what they want to eat, foods that are good for them, NOT YOU. By the foods, you crave tell us who is in control of your body.

Talking Bad Bacteria

Bad bacteria create a stressful environment in the body due to the constant war it establishes. That conflict is always reported to the brain, leaving you feeling fatigue, stressed, depression, miserable and uneventful. Often times, you do not notice this issue until you change your diet, that is when the difference becomes very noticeable. After you start eating healthy, you feel the relief from this burden.

Bad bacteria also have a psychological effect on the body, which is consistent with its nature; one that is selfish, disloyal, aggressive, jealous, and hateful and many other bad things. This is why there is a blatant distinction in the culture of people who consume a natural lifestyle vs. those that don’t. Diet is irrefutably connected to behavior.

Let’s go even further. Bad bacteria in any host that is unlike that species (host) will cause it to hate itself. It is much like if a fish was in control of your brain; it is going to lead you into water. In the case of bad bacteria, they lead their host against itself; it establishes what is often called self-hatred. And if that host doesn’t have a strong external mental programming to somewhat combat this inner battle, it will cause them to act and do things that stand to oppose to its existence.

The presence of bad bacteria also creates a conflicting mindset between what you consciously know and what or how you feel. Meaning, you can know something is wrong, yet have the urge to do it anyway. This is the war between bad bacteria and the knowledge you have obtained elsewhere.

Often times, whenever you hear people saying the devil is talking to them, trying to get them to commit hateful or dysfunctional acts, that devil in many cases is on the inside, right there in their gut.

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