The Endless Cycle of Defeat

The Endless Cycle of Defeat

My burden(s) has a seat right next to me. This is life; and like you, my burden is always present, just waiting to aggravate my reality.

It barks a lot, but it hardly bites. And if and when it touches me, it is more likely because someone pushed it. I try my best to not invite it; my lifestyle barely sharpens its teeth.

In life, the only thing worse than your current pain is having a method of resolution that creates even more pain.

You never want to injure yourself in your fight against the pain.

Some try to escape their burdens by using the power of their imagination… of a better place; of a promise that gives them a sense of hope. One that provides motivation that enables them to carry on.

This is understandable; we all do it at times. But no, it doesn’t fix the problem. It only offers a temporary place to hide; only a method that postpones the pain, it doesn’t eliminate it.

For others, they find remedy and comfort in things that only further their burdens, in the end. ETERNAL DEFEAT.

Their solutions today will create another set of problems tomorrow, a thousand times worse. Solutions with side effects, much worse than the syndrome they were supposed to treat.

This is the reality of those who try to smoke their problems away, they give room to cancer. Doing drugs, partying, consuming sugar and drinking liquor does the same. Some use splurging as a coping mechanism; the idea of buying new things, treating themselves makes them feel better. But then, that creates debt, more problems down the line.

I say if you have to cry… then cry, to relieve the stress. But the better choice is to be around those who love you, and those with a productive mindset.

Take your time, be patient, search for the solutions and you will find them; be persistent and stay strong. Living a humble life will always provide more happiness than pain, always.

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