The Enslavement of Melanin

The Enslavement of Melanin

The topic of Melanin is only controversial to those who have a political agenda and bias intent. They are people who are not working in the best interest of science. Melanin is simply a necessary biological feature that every living organism needs to function properly. When we talk about Melanin, it is no different than someone else talking about protein.

They embrace protein and we embrace Melanin as the key factor in foods that humans should be consuming for optimal health. Some have a concern about how much protein is in the foods they are consuming while we correct that interest in accordance with the laws of the body. The message is simple: PROTEIN FOR YOU, MELANIN FOR US.

Melanin is the foundational ingredient in Nature. When we eat; it is the Melanin from the natural vegetation that our body uses to rebuild itself. We cannot, and must not omit this very important understanding. If we conform to making the topic of health political, we will all fail and suffer a horrendous fate. The truth is only controversial to those who selfishly prophet from lies. That is not good for humanity; it is extremely unjust for millions to suffer for the sake of a selfish few who are filled with hate.

Many people claim to have an open mind about everything today; it is time for them to apply that same treatment to the topic of Melanin. It needs to be accepted, promoted and given the same freedom in the educational institutions and mainstream societies globally. When you suppress the truth about a biological feature that directly affects the health of a people, you are guilty of contributing to the oppression of those people. You cannot believe in freedom for all, yet suppress the information that will deliver the freedom.

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