The Genetically Inherited Disease

The Genetically Inherited Disease

We are all a continuation of our foremothers and forefathers, before us. So will our children be… a continuation of us. None of us were born without genetic influence or inheritance from our parents. Our reality at birth is a reflection of the condition they were in at the point in which we were conceived.

This reflection is, however, is a partial one; not everything gets transferred. Unfortunately, biological maladies sometimes do get carried over, and we inherit them. This is basically what it means when they say a disease is genetic. It means a biological disposition that has lingered within a gene pool for generations.

A very common misconception many people have about “genetic diseases” is that they are adherently inherited, inescapable and unfixable. There is absolutely no acquired disease that is married to any specific bloodline. How do you think the first victim of a bloodline acquired a disease? Do you think they inherited it? How can they if they are the first? It was something they did to have gotten the disease. It is not like Nature has some sort of disease assignment program, in which it assigns diseases to different family groups. Imagine Nature saying things like, “I think I will assign diabetes to the Jacob family.”

That’s not how it works. Diseases manifest according to our lifestyle or our ancestors’ lifestyle. If an ancestor had a specific disease, it is due to how they lived. And if we continue on that same path as they have, the disease will continue to manifest itself in us and future generations. Change your lifestyle and you will change the outcome.

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