The Good Fever

The Good Fever
Both fever and coughing are among the most misunderstood biological processes executed by our body to eliminate mucus and various toxic states. We will now take a brief look at how these functions are carried out and how they help the body’s fight foreign invaders.
Fever is a part of the body’s natural defense system that is triggered in the instance of a threat. Given the reason for the increase in body temperature during its occurrence; thereby using the heat to kill the bacteria. Sweating and more frequent urination occurs also because these are some of the more effective ways in which the body expels toxins from its system. Taking fever “medicine” eliminates this purification process and thus preventing the body from killing the bacteria.
Sometimes coughing can be very annoying and it makes us want to take just about anything that will put an end to it. However the coughing is only severe because the issue that triggers it is also severe. Coughing is another part of the body’s defense system. In the instance of having a cold or inhaling toxic waste, it triggers a cough. The cough is the body’s means of bringing up the mucus or the toxic substance up through the throat and out the body. Taking cough suppressant “medicines” suppresses the cough which eliminates the body’s chances of ejecting the invader from its system.

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