The Health Benefits and Versatility of Lime

The Health Benefits and Versatility of Lime
Lime is a must have in your kitchen; there is always a need for lime. Whether you are making juices, salads, cooking or cleaning, it’s more likely that you will be using lime. If you are not using a freshly cut lime, chances are, it is already in one of the readymade products you will be using.
Some of the health benefits of lime include Arthritis, cholera, constipation, digestion, eye care, gout, heart health, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders and skin care.

The versatility of lime:

Cleanser: By combining lime with a little cayenne pepper, ginger and salt (lava black salt or Himalayan pink salt) you can make a powerful cleanser for the stomach and intestinal tracks.
Cleaner: Have you ever wondered why lime or lemon is in so many household cleaners? It is because lime is a natural disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties. It destroys toxicity/bacteria, whether internally (inside the body) or in your external environment. 
Rust remover: Similar to how a piece of metal rust, so does the cells in our body. Cells do form corrosion and deteriorates if they become stagnant. In medical terms, it is not called rust, but instead a disease. Lime juice can be used to dissolve rust and the same thing applies when we ingest it. It removes the stagnation by electrifying each cell; which also contributes to that burst of energy you feel after its consumption.
Taste booster: Adding a little lime to any citrus beverage will increase its flavor. When you add lime to your beverage it doesn’t only taste better because of the taste of the lime but also because it intensifies the flavor of the other fruits.
Alkalinize: Lime will boost the potency of the food you are consuming especial your vegetable salads.
Deodorizer: Let’s not forget about the floral-citrus aroma of limes, which can be used as air-freshener. You can use lime to make a homemade air-freshener that eliminates the smell of burnt foods, smoky smell, etc. All you have to do is squeeze half of a lime in about a quarter of water in a spray bottle. Cover the bottle, shake a little then spray on kitchen surface.  
Grease remover: If you ever wash your plates with lime you would know that it is very good for removing grease. This is another reason to ingest lime; it can help to remove some of the unnecessary grease we consume from the junk foods we eat.

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