The Issue of Cholesterol?


Hamburgers raise cholesterol levels because they are extremely acidic.

Cholesterol is essentially good and not the culprit that it is implied to be. Once it is properly regulated by Melanin to prevent an over production it is quite necessary and healthy. Cholesterol is predominantly produced by our liver. It provides insulation for our nerves and arteries and also very active in the healing process of broken tissues. However an over production of cholesterol will begin to clog the arteries, preventing the flow of blood and oxygen. When someone is diagnosed to having high cholesterol what they are really experiencing are high levels of acidity in their body from eating acidic food. Cholesterol is what our body uses to neutralize the acidity.

There aren’t any proven facts that avocado raises cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is effective because it has high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for the use of calcium, which is one of the most potent alkaline minerals. To lower the over production of cholesterol you have to lower the acidity within the body. This means you should be consuming more alkaline food in your diet. In fact, treatments for unnatural acidic states like acid reflux have calcium as one their main ingredients. Click here for a list of alkaline food.

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