The Kingdom of Pineal – Children’s Book

Introducing our new book: THE KINGDOM OF PINEAL. It is Intended for children, but suitable for all ages.

The first priority of any children literature should always be intended for the purpose of education. When entertainment precedes the importance of education, the inevitable state of ignorance and dysfunction is the ultimate price to pay.

This book incorporates the use of allegories as an ideal strategy to break down complex science into a more digestible format that is comprehensible for children.

Most of the common stories children are exposed to are filled with lies, confusion and absolutely nothing productive for them to learn from. They are perverted and very destructive to the mind of an innocent child. It is time to rescue your children from these types of materials that will only destroy their sense of morality, pride, logic and concept of good.

The chain of ignorance and the adaptation of foreign cultures must be broken, in the interest of freedom for all.

You can purchase your copy of “The Kingdom of Pineal” by clicking on the link below. We will continue to build on why creating children literature is so important.

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The Kingdom of Pineal

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