The Monty Hall Problem and the Power of Intimidation

The Monty Hall Problem

Pay close attention to what takes place in the video below. To some, it may seem like nothing, but this assessment of the “Monty Hall Problem” exposes a very deceptive mentality that has always lived secretly within the fabric of this society. It highlights how the strategy of intimidation, like what is exemplified in this video, is used for many centuries to discourage people from having confidence in their own logic and judgment. The idea of using intimidation to convince someone that they are incorrect when according to their own logic, they are correct, will force them to develop doubt in their sense of reasoning. Once someone, especially a child, loses assurance in their own judgment then they will forever fail at other things that may be important in life.

This may have happened to you, or it may be currently happening to your children in school. Whereby, teachers are using non-credible sources to convince a very intellectual, wise and savvy child that they are wrong in the midst of them being right. This is what then forces a child to develop mistrust against their own judgment. So the next time, the child will more likely guess the answer to a problem as opposed to using practical thinking to resolve it. It also causes people to bend their minds into trying to make sense of the illogical when in fact it is absolute nonsense.

Critiquing the Video
In the above video, they stated that the “Monty Hall Problem” has stumped thousands of people around the world, including math professors, and leading statisticians. Once most people hear this, they will begin to have doubt in the obvious answer in their head. Probably thinking that if so many others including experts failed to resolve this problem, there is no way what they are thinking is correct. It is at this point people will begin to doubt their own logic, based on this application of intimidation. To make it more intimidating for you, they said that Marilyn vos Savant, who is said to have the highest recorded IQ according to the Guinness Book of Records, proposed a solution that goes against your logic.

Firstly, the “Monty Hall Problem” is not a math problem. Why this was even presented to math professors in the first place? It is simply a gambling (guessing) game, nothing more. As long as what’s behind the doors is not revealed, the answer can only be resolved through the process of guessing. Because it contains the element of probability does not automatically make it a math problem, neither does it a problem that can be resolved using logic. The suggestion to switch only make sense if someone initially chose the wrong door, other than that, it doesn’t apply. Also, after the first choice is made, the remaining choices are in fact a 50 percent chance. The 2/3 probability is only if no initial choices have been made, but once one option is eliminated it is now a 50 percent chance of choosing the correct door.

We have discussed in a previous article (The Illegitimacy of IQ Testing); IQ testing is another non-credible made-up system used to validate human’s intelligence. Having a high IQ can be used as a reference to support other systems of validation but it just doesn’t stand on its own. This is why you can find people like Marilyn vos Savant having these types of input that hold no logical merit.

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