The Need for Sexual Education

The Need for Sexual Education

Sex is the human means of procreating, but it can potentially be used as a weapon to disrupt the progress of an individual, family or nation. As long as this remains a reality, and we have an interest in being civilize, the topic of sex must be included in our discussions, and it should never be avoided.

Sex is a very critical defining point within anyone’s fate, whether the outcome thereafter is good or bad, it is a point of transformation in anyone’s life. One irresponsible sexual experience is enough to generate a lifetime of regret and despair. We have bear witness to too many casualties of this climactic occurrence and it is for this precise reason the discussion of sex is imperative. Sex can be a very powerful spiritual tool, but when it is adapted under the influence of perversion then it will become a catalyst for self destruction, which is very common among Indigenous people.

How can the topic of sex not be among our list of necessities when there are so many cases of abortion, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, lust and other forms of unfortunate and abusive circumstances that plague our communities?

Sex has to be taught from a civilized perspective and not by the perverted customs that now consumes the general public and institutions that are educating our children accordingly. Parents, avoiding the topic of sex will not remove the subject from the minds of your children. While you refrain from giving them the proper education they need, they will still learn about it from these tainted and unavoidable surroundings that they are exposed to daily. If we do not intervene, then the teachings of western perversions will continue uninterrupted, as it destroys the moral status of our children and other future generations.

Sexual education, in this instance does not include having discussions about the actual engagement of sex with your children; which would be very uncomfortable for many parents and also inappropriate in certain cases. It is about addressing the very possible outcomes that may affect their health (mentally and physically), emotion, finance, morality, pride, etc. as a result of making the ultimate decision to partake in the sexual experience.

Parents need to be more active as well as proficient in teaching the topic of sex to their children. The minds of the children need to be fully educated, to prepare them for this overwhelmingly perverted world we live in today.

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