The Olive Skin Complexion Misconception

The Olive Skin Complexion Misconception

Olives come in two distinctive colors, black, and green, or an in-between composite of both colors. Whether or not you believe in the Bible it doesn’t matter in regards to the point we are about to make. Many of you are familiar with the claim that Jesus had olive skin complexion. However, it is just fascinating that though olives come in more than one natural color, people never think to associate his complexion with the darker color olives.

Instead, they related his color to a type of olive that doesn’t even naturally exist. Ironically, the dark olives are the only ones that actually bear any comparable resemblance to someone’s skin tone. It quite simple, if you have olive skin tone, you are either someone of extremely dark complexion or some sort of green creature.

Olive skin complexion The above image is a truthful depiction of an individual with an olive skin complexion.

Since we know that there is no such thing as a green human, obviously, anyone with an olive skin tone must be one of extremely dark skin tone.

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