The R-Rated Revolution

The R-rated Revolution

Today we fight with our very own… who were all once innocent children in search of a righteous path but have found none. Instead, they were led on a corrupted path and have now become an obstacle in our fight for liberation. We criticize them and blame them for the dysfunction that is destroying us as a people. Yet, while our focus is steadily set on fighting them, we are failing to prevent the same error from occurring with our younger generations.

We are failing in the battle to save our children because most of the platforms we have only caters to the discretion of adults, they are too vulgar for the ears of young children.

Once a child’s mind is developed into an adult, it is set in stone, almost impossible to change. It is impractical to allow evil to mature in them and then fight with it later. The child we ignore today may be the enemy we fight tomorrow. We have to get to our children before the evils of this society get to them first.

Our efforts must be considerate in catering to the necessary well-being of the entire family and not just the adults. Vulgarity and profanity aren’t necessary to convey our message when addressing the general public; it is entirely unprofessional, ridiculous and very discrediting. SAVE OUR CHILDREN, SAVE OUR FUTURE

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