The Reward for Innocence

The Reward for Innocence

Wait patiently, little sister; the rewards will be bountiful, multiplied by many, in time. Don’t you dare give in to the pressure, like many who have traded a few minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of pain.

Do you know what it is like to be consumed by guilt, to spend your entire life hiding from yourself? This is what it means to be tormented, to be crucified by your own conscience.

You now have the opportunity that many of us, with our regrets, which we had. You have the option to choose, a privilege that is no longer available to many. Walk away while you still can, choose an alternative, yes, one without great consequences.

There is a reward for innocence, it something we all desire but most will never speak of. The most valuable currency is a peace of mind, unmatched by any other forms of wealth.

This is the gift that was given to you. Now it is for you to decide whether you want to cherish it or destroy it. Don’t you dare sacrifice yourself, your innocence to anyone or anything unworthy.

Before you go, promise that you will at least listen to the stories of the scorned. You will find them drowning at the bottom of their liquor bottle, surrounded by cigarette smoke, pills and needles, unable to rise to the surface, buried by their own lack of pride.

There is a much greater reward for being special and innocent.

What will tomorrow bring for you? Will you make yourself a victim, or will you choose victory through patience and perseverance? Only you can decide, whether you want to be a queen or footstool? Tell us, which side will you choose, will you one day be the mother that your children will be proud of? Will you be a gratified example for the new generations to follow behind or an example of scorn that they should avoid?

You have the option to paint a masterpiece or an ugly picture. The choice is yours, little sister. Choose wisely.

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