The Root Cause of Melanin Destruction (Skin Bleaching)

The Root Cause of Skin Bleaching

How something is defined cannot change its actual value, but it can, however, change how people perceive it. The perceived value of anything is the determining factor to whether someone may embrace it or reject it. It is always necessary to make sure that when you define anything it justifies its actual value.

People are programmed to care about things that are perceived to have value; regardless if this value is justified or not. Once they believe it is valuable they will acknowledge it as such, and they will also adjust their desires for it accordingly.

The epidemic of skin bleaching comes as a result of people’s ignorance of the true values of Melanin. The definition that is presented to the general public is not enough to persuade people from not destroying it. In attempt to preserve the health of these victims of self-hatred and to save them from their own ignorance, they need to be taught the true values of this necessary biological component.

This means that the undermining perception of Melanin has to be stopped. Melanin should no longer be referred to as just a color or pigment, but only acknowledged in reference to its biological functions. It should be treated just the same as any other functional element in the human body. Also, Melaninated people have to find enough integrity to stop reducing themselves to being chocolate and brown sugar.

Within the human body there are many different components possessing many different functions, among all of them, Melanin is the only one that is stripped of its biological purpose and reduced to being just a color.

Reducing the importance and purpose of any biological function is unscientific and also dysfunctional.

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