The SEBI EFFECT: An Innate Path to Higher Intelligence

The SEBI EFFECT: An Innate Path to Higher Intelligence

One thing that fascinates me in my observation of the animal kingdom is the process in which a lion kills its prey. Many people will see this as just another ordinary act of animal aggression, void of any scientific merit. For others, within this process, we see the lion displaying an extremely high level of intelligence.

When a prey fights back, it fights with, maybe, its feet, teeth or horns. Therefore, it would appear more logical for the lion to disarm its prey by sabotaging these weapons. But it doesn’t, it bypasses them and goes directly for the throat. Despite that the throat does not pose an imminent threat to the lion, it somehow knows it’s the most effective place to strike.

To explain this scientifically: The lion knows that by successfully injuring that part of its prey it will compromise all other biological functions. The lion is targeting something that it innately knows will immediately restrict the flow of oxygen to the brain of its prey, which will instantly eliminate any potential threat.

What I find to be even more fascinating is how the lion uses its mouth to cover the nose of its prey to suffocate it, cutting off its supply of oxygen, to secure an absolute and swift victory.

How does the lion know all of this? It appears the lion is a scientist, astute in the studies of the biology of its prey.

The intellect displayed by the lion is a small example of what is known as innate knowledge, which is the type of knowledge that is fashioned directly by our Dark Universe.

Indigenous people have always been geniuses, as it is always displayed throughout their cultures. This is the type of knowledge they have always exercised, a superior yet different type, which is not understood by many.

For example, indigenous people always know the science of the plants and their specific interaction with the human body. They know what these plants are good for, they know precisely when to take them, how to take them, and how they should be prepared. Of course, they are never acknowledged as geniuses by many. Yet, the students of these people (i.e. the medical industry), who have learned this science from them are the ones considered to be the geniuses.

When you analyze the knowledge displayed in the animal kingdom, it gives a reference to the potential knowledge you can obtain from the same source as theirs, our Dark Universe.

Innate Knowledge in “Third World” Countries
I always find it amazing that places such as in the Caribbean and Africa are always considered “third world”, yet there is absolutely no technology created by the “first world” that puzzles them.

It is really a remarkable thing to see. Go ahead, take your most advanced broken device to the tech guys in the local communities in any of these places and watch them fix it as though they were the ones who created it. Once they are finished, ask them what school or where did they learn their skills? Many of them will tell you, “Nowhere or no one taught me.”

Every form of knowledge executed by humans are stored in our Universe. Our connection to this Supreme Being allows us the ability to extract all this knowledge that is stored within it.

The Dr. Sebi Story
There is one thing we all know about Dr. Sebi, he was not “scientific”, according to the common definition of this word. He did read a little, so that he can explain his premise, in ways that we could fairly understand. Unfortunately, some used this as an opportunity to discredit him.

For those who know better… understood that this man’s knowledge was beyond this physical plane.

Dr. Sebi’s story is important, and one we should all pay very close attention to. The part of it that stands out the most is the time and event that led him on the path of healing. He said a “Mexican healed him”, he didn’t say he taught him.

After he was healed, his journey in life took on a major transformation, conflicting with his past. For those of you who have not been paying attention, or unaware of the science at play here, allow me to explain it a little.

The herbs he took for his sickness had cleansed his cells and also magnetized them so that they are able to connect better with our Dark Universe without obstruction.

Low-frequency hybrid and dead food will lock you down into a lower vibration, an inferior state of consciousness, preventing you from receiving higher knowledge from the cosmic space.

The human body, just like the rest of nature, should be plugged into this universal network. But if your wires (cells) are corroded, a proper connection will be voided.

Basically speaking, Dr. Sebi got his wires cleaned-up. The herbs unlocked the ancient memories and realigned his cells, his body, and spirit with our Universe, which is an immediate graduation to an innate and much higher form of intelligence.

When you feed your body with the foods produced by our Dark Universe, foods that are natural, they magnetize your cells, which force a connection between you and our Universe. Ultimately, you too will experience the Sebi Effect and will become an intellectual genius, maybe not a herbalist, but a genius nevertheless.

Innate knowledge is the direct knowledge of our Universe; it is a firsthand access to all the knowledge there is.

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