The Traffic Light of Life

The Traffic Light of Life

Life is about sacrifices, looking out for each other. Sometimes one has to stop so that the other can go.

“Go to hell with all those rules, I want to live my life free and happy. I want to do whatever I choose to do, whenever I want to…” This is what the new generation is saying. Today, people are trained to think that rules are an obstacle that stands between them and their happiness.

“Come on; let us live for ourselves… do whatever makes you happy.” This is what they say, it is what they encourage, a life buried in selfishness, not willing to make the sacrifices or stop for anyone other than themselves.

Most have yet to realize this, that when you encourage selfishness, you will not be the only one living selfishly. And what do you think the consequence is when everyone is selfish, only looking out for themselves? We see it every day, people encouraging a certain lifestyle, just for their personal selfish gain, not realizing that the same culture they are promoting they too will one day become the victims of it.

A lot of men, for example, like to promote the lifestyle of being a “player” until one day they end up having a daughter of their own. At this point, they quickly migrate from being a player to being the most paranoid fathers ever. And why do you think this is so? Because they are terrified by the very culture they created to feed their selfishness. They saw the reward for themselves but were blind to the consequences.

When you encourage the youths to become selfish, understand that they will be the same one who will grow up one day to marry your sons and daughters. If our ancestors didn’t make sacrifices we wouldn’t have the freedom we have today. We must carry on… for the bed we lay is the one we will always have to sleep in.

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