The Women, the Womb and the Miscarriage

The Women, the Womb and the Miscarriage

Of lately, quite a few celebrities have been coming to the forefront about their miscarriages.

Regardless of whom it may be; this specific issue is an epidemic, one shared by many. Nature holds no regards for our social statuses. Whether you are financially rich or poor; no matter who you are, if you fail to take care of your body, you will suffer the consequences.

For most women, in Western societies, their only concept of being a woman comes from a very superficial place. They don’t know much about taking care of their body.

One of the biggest culprits of this epidemic is the chemicals women are using to straighten their hair. The hair bears somewhat of a symbiotic relationship to the womb. Whatever you do to your hair, affects your womb.

In any culture where women are known to attack their hair, for example: using chemicals… will likewise have womb related issues. Furthermore, when you use chemicals to destroy (straighten) your hair (cells); it also does the same for every other cell within your body.

The consequence of not living according to Natural laws will always have a profound effect on your ability to reproduce (life). This explains why erectile dysfunctions and womb related issues are so common in this society today.

All of these issues come primarily from your diet, whether it is what you put in your mouth or on your skin (including your hair). They are going inside your body and creating chaos.

Fibroids in the female reproductive organs are one of the most common causes of these types of problems. Fibroids are directly associated with the consumption of starchy foods, such as white rice and white flour.

And, let us not forget to mention the big elephant in the room, birth control pills; which completely destroys a woman’s reproductive system, balance, and essence.

The solution is simple, stay away from the artificial cultures, embrace Nature, and your natural state of being. Do not put things in your body that disrupts its natural functions, flow, balance, and order.

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