They Said, They Had To Sell Drugs…

They Said They Had To Sell Drugs…

Often, I heard rappers and others say that they had to sell drugs to feed their families. And they told these stories as if their reality was so uniquely different from others… as if everyone else had an option but they didn’t. Maybe they have forgotten that many of us grew up in the same communities as they have; bound to the same circumstances accordingly.

There is absolutely no place within this planet where selling drugs were the only option for survival, for anyone. If so, please show me a community, where selling drugs, stripping, etc. are the only choices of income? If there is anything worse than doing wrong, it’s trying to find a justification for it. Doing so only provides an excuse for future generations to follow along. We can no longer allow this justification of pure evil to prevail.

In life, we all make mistakes, but whenever we do, the honorable thing to do is condemn it, not try to find justification for it. And even worse, is the attempt to use the innocent lives of their children as a shield against their own demons.

Tell the truth, drug dealer, you sold drugs for the fast cash and vanity. Why don’t you tell the public about all the many hard-working people you watched passing you by at your street corner each day? You watched and laughed at them as they toiled day and night in their struggle to feed their families. Hold your head high and bear witness to these true heroes. What about these people, why is it that they didn’t have to sell drugs but you had to? Aren’t they also from your neighborhood?

It’s in your blood, in your nature, that’s why you do it, due to laziness, and lack of care for the wellbeing of your people and community. How do we know this? Well, we know it to be true because when you were put in a better position where you had the option to earn an honest living, by making great music to uplift your community, you instead sold them crack music about vanity, drugs, violence and sex. Again, you have sacrificed your own for greater wealth, for the sake of vanity. It’s a habit of betrayal, and it’s in your blood.

Now the new excuse is that your music is a product of the community you grew up in, which is another lie. Just show me a community that is all bad or all good? There are always two sides to choose from. Your music is not a product of your community; it’s a product of the destructive side that you chose to adopt. You are nothing but a product of your own choice.

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