This Was in Her Brain

This Was in Her Brain
Above, pork worm (trichinella spiralis).

I just received a phone call from a dear family member of mine. She said a family friend of ours… has a friend who was recently diagnosed with brain tumor. At least that is what the doctor thought, that it was a brain tumor.

After a second look, the doctor realized otherwise. It was not a tumor, to his surprise; it was something he had only heard about before but had never seen for himself.

His patient, had worms in her brain… feeding on it.

Once I heard that the lady had these worms in her brain, I knew right away what was the cause. So, I responded abruptly, “She eats pork doesn’t she?” I was right, the answer is almost a given.

There are other factors that can contribute to this, but the swine is the worst among all of them. People tend to take the warnings against the eating of pork lightly; not fully understanding that the pig is a very filthy beast.

The worms in pork are almost impossible to kill, even when it is cooked. They are a terrible set of parasites that literally feeds on your body while you are still alive. They decay the body of their victims as if it was dead. These worms live in people’s intestines and they can travel to any part of the body at any time, and obviously, even to the brain.

Luckily, the doctors were able to remove the worms. Many weren’t so lucky, unfortunately. Just think about how many may have lost their lives to these worms, believing it was something else?

This is very serious; you have to get away from the swine.

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