Those Damned Vitamins

Those Damned Vitamins

And that is exactly what they are, DAMNED.

Before my arrival at consciousness, I used to wash my brain in ignorance, never missed a spot. Even reality was no match for my orchestrated thinking.

My motto was: "If the experts say so, then it must be so”. Who am I to disagree? Since they say vitamins are good, then vitamins must be good; nothing to debate.

I used to follow the superficial laws of autumn, which says… the fall is flu preparation season. No flu shots for me though, no needles. I said, “I will take the vitamins instead …gotta take care of my health”.

Shortly after taking my first required dosage of the vitamin pills, I began feeling a little sick. “This must be a coincidence; the sickness must have already been developing… yeah, that is what it is.” In my state of denial, that was the lie I told myself.

One day I brought this up to a doctor and also a nurse, the experts. I told them, “I think these vitamins actually make me sick.” Always, I am fine until the moment I take them. They told me the same thing… “It must be coincidence, those pills wouldn’t do that”.

Thankfully, today I know better, finally at ease. The gift of having proper knowledge was there to save me.

What I had observed was correct, and the “experts” were wrong. That was when I began to understand that their knowledge was as well orchestrated as mine. It was just another case of the blind leading the blind.

Vitamins are never to be separated from their original sources. This is how those over-the-counter vitamins are made, through the manipulation and perversion of Nature. If you want vitamin C (for example), eat an orange or another fruit. You should never isolate any of the minerals or vitamins from the fruit, for then it will become very dangerous to the body.

Plain and simple, no further explanation needed here, your source for minerals and vitamins – are your natural foods.

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