Today Is the Past You Will Be Asking For

Today Is the Past You Will Be Asking For

I had this weird experience a few weeks ago. I was driving, then all of a sudden a vision of me being in a minor car accident flashed in my mind. Right there at the sight of that accident, immediately, I started doing what most of us always do when things go wrong. I started wishing I could go back in time, to change the circumstances leading up to this accident.

I must say, that experience was a bit peculiar, because the past I was wishing for, in my vision, appeared exactly like the current moment of my physical reality. It felt like the accident had already happened and now I was in the past creating a different outcome. And so, I treated it as such, I cut my speed and drove cautiously.

Surprisingly, this was more than just about a car or accident; it seemed to be a lesson about life in general.

A lot of us live our lives carelessly, and when the trouble comes, when the consequences are at our throats, we wish for a past, to do otherwise.

Today is the past many of you will be wishing for someday to come. Today is… you going back in time to prevent your potential mistakes.

There are so many people out there today, with horrendous diseases, wishing that they were in the position that many of you are in currently. This is the privilege that many of you have and are wasting it, only to prepare a regrettable future.

Your now is your second chance, treat it as such. Don’t wait for the problems to come, and then you say, “I wish I had eaten better.”

Take care of your body today, eat right and live right.

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