Tomatoes Make Good Great, and Bad Worse

Tomatoes Make Good Great, and Bad Worse

We are still not finished with the tomato argument, not quite. There is yet another side of tomatoes that we also need to talk about.

A Tomato is an “intensifier”. This, of course, is an unofficial label, but you get the point.

Tomatoes intensify the impact of any food you consume them with. This feature can work either significantly in your favor, or against it.

For example, if you are eating some tomatoes with junk foods, you are in serious trouble. How serious? Well, at least two times worse than if you were to consume those bad foods separately, without tomatoes. On the other hand, when you eat tomatoes with healthy foods, the rewards are greater; they amplify the benefits.

When you think about this dynamic, you cannot help but think about how dangerous foods such as pizza really are. Pizza is tomatoes mix with cheese (germ-infested cooked mucus).

You have to be mindful about what you consume with tomatoes. Tomatoes are great in small dosages, with the right kind of foods.

Also, when you eat tomatoes, only eat the grape, cherry and plum kinds, the other types are no good.

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