Two PHDs, One in Medicine and One in Ignorance

Two PHDs, One in Medicine and One in Ignorance

Dear medical professionals, please allow us to put your qualifications in proper perspective. Firstly, after so many years of hard work in college, you should be proud of your accomplishments. Any form of knowledge should be celebrated. Finally, you are a doctor now, or maybe a nurse. Whatever it is, they are all great accomplishments. But there is a context to these achievements, and most are completely oblivious of it.

Being qualified in one thing doesn’t automatically make you an expert in the other. This is why humans don’t go to vets for medical advice. Most of you are completely blind to the fact that you are ignorant of the science of the Indigenous biology. Yet, due to your slave mentality, you hold yourself qualified, and are unapologetically offering erroneous medical advice to us. As if we are domesticated animals who are supposed to live as the shadow of their masters.

How many years have you spent studying the biology of the Indigenous man and woman, and understanding its unique disposition? I can help you with that; the answer is 0. In case you haven’t realized, all regards for our biology is disregarded in the schools you were educated.

Your reality is much like if a lion was to be educated by fishes. Imagine that lion advising other lions? It’s not applicable. Despite all the statistical health disparities among Indigenous peoples, it is extremely disappointing that you fail to see that your recommended way of life is adverse to our biology. What other proof do you need?

Keep it to yourself, your knowledge doesn’t mean much on this side of town. It is due to this ignorance why you keep telling us, children of the Sun, to stay away from direct Sunlight. Imagine that, that is like telling a fish to stay out of the water. That suggestion alone is more than enough to define your level of ignorance. That is all they ever taught you, of which is not rooted in science, only driven by political objectives, emotions.

See, the problem is, while you have learned the medical knowledge, you forgot to educate yourself about the politics.

Please do explain to us, how are you a medical expert when you are advising us to consume foods that feed parasites? We have been in your homes, and we have seen the evidence of your ignorance, in what you provide as food for yourselves and children. Then you wonder why they suffer from chronic illnesses… because you are ignorant of their biological needs. It is because you are not qualified in the science of our biology.

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