Unclogging the Arteries and Improving Blood Circulation (Health)

Unclogging the Arteries and Improving Blood Circulation (Health)

Atherosclerosis is a disease that is caused by the building up of plaque in the walls of the arteries, preventing the flow of blood and oxygen from circulating throughout the body. It is the number one killer in America; over 13 million Americans suffer from heart disease caused by atherosclerosis.

To improve blood circulation many people use garlic as a remedy. Especially those who experience common circulation related issues such as numbness in the legs, hands and other parts of the body. Garlic is not ideal, and it only appears to be effective because it thinning the blood. When the arteries are filled with plaque it creates smaller space for the blood to flow. By thinning the blood it is able to move more freely within the smaller space while a thicker blood doesn’t have the same advantage.

The Plaque that is built up in the arteries is mostly excessive cholesterol and also fat from the junk food people eat. Cholesterol is a calcium-dense fat that the body needs and uses to neutralize acidity within its system; it is also used by the body as insulation (cushion). The more acidic foods we eat, the more cholesterol the body will produce to neutralize it. Once the body begins to produce too much cholesterol, that is when it becomes a problem; it hardens and form plaque inside of the arteries.

Doctors often restrict people from eating fatty foods in order to lower their cholesterol. But then… despite eating less fatty foods, a lot of people still experience having high cholesterol. The reason is simply because it is not just fatty foods that are the problem but all acidic junk foods in general. The most effective way to lower cholesterol is to refrain from eating acidic foods; such as dairy, starch, liquor, sugar, meat, hybrid plants, etc. This explains why atherosclerosis is so prevalent in places like America where about 90% of what they eat is from the above list.

In addition to removing acidic foods from your diet, here are a few natural remedies that will help to clean and repair the arteries: onions (darker ones, red/purple), turmeric, black sesame seeds , walnuts, pomegranate, hawthorn berry (tea), ginger, seaweed and watermelon.

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