Unlocking the Dormant Past through Diet

Unlocking the Dormant Past through Diet

Inside the human body contains the history of our existence that has been past down from generations to generations through genetic breeding. The human biology is not just limited to physical inheritance from our parents; it contains the general experience of our ancestors throughout the ages. It is quite possible to access this information by way of unlocking the genetic library that lives within our cells.

There are two primary ways in which this can be done. The more common way is by consciously learning about our history by reading books, oral lessens, etc; the other way is by using cell foods. Foods act as a stimulant for our cells that can be used to awaken dormant information that is locked up inside of us.

A common example of the activation of dormant memory is expressed through phobias we might have. Sometimes we grow up having the same fear or dislike for certain things as our parents (ancestors) had that we can never explain why. Though we may not be able to remember the specific experience that created the fear, the consequences of that event nevertheless exist deep within our subconscious.

There are many ways to unlock dormant memories but only a few options that will take us deep into history. The human body sometimes uses elements from its environment as markers to awake these dormant memories. For example, sometimes we hear songs that we used to listen to when we were younger and the very moment we hear them our mind begins to wonder back into our past as it awakes the dormant memories of that time period. Sometimes the trigger is a certain smell, taste, scenery or object that takes you back in time. Of course these memories are not always clear and obvious, sometimes they are blurred and they only manifest in the format of an emotional feeling.

The older a plant is, the greater is its potential of waking up older dormant memories. Other than physical health concerns, this is why eating seedless and hybrid plants are so dangerous, because they lack the ability to unlock memories within the body that they themselves do not contain. These artificial inventions are cut of from the chains of history. The seed of a plant carries its genetic essence which also connects it to the supreme history of this planet.

The essence of a seedless plant is always recent, which means it can only unlock memories of recent history; memories of oppression and failure. This is how food can be used as a tool to either build or destroy confidence. The greatness of one’s history elevates their confidence. A mind that is only privileged to history that doesn’t go beyond our downfall will lack confidence. It is possible for someone to use academia to build a false sense of confidence from believing that you are educated. However, such confidence is very limited because it does not extend beyond the confined of the system that created it. In other words, an accomplished subject of western culture that lacks knowledge of their rich history doesn’t have the confidence to live outside the influence of the western world.

The awakening of these dormant memories isn’t knowledge that is detailed within our conscious mind; they are instead revived in our subconscious. They act from a subliminal deeper level, but they profoundly define who we are.

It is imperative for us to observe the difference in the demeanor of people who feed on junk/unnatural food and lacks knowledge of their rich history and those who consume a natural diet and are knowledgeable of their historical greatness. There is a dramatic difference in the projection of confidence between them. It is expressed in their attitude, how they speak and how they resolve issues.

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