The Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Gods

The Unsurpassed Knowledge of the Gods

Predating the existence of a technologically developed western world, indigenous people had a numeral system that this era, today, is entirely dependent on in their desire to advance. Evidence of this system can easily be substantiated in their creation of the pyramids. That numeral system of 0 to 9 (0-9) is the DNA of all modern developments. Whether for the purpose of calculating finance, building architectural structures or for the invention of computer based technologies, they are all subjected to this mathematical structure of supreme and absolute perfection.

The critical mistake that is repeatedly made by the western world is, believing that to produce something different is equivalent to producing better. At the flaws of their own ego, they believe that because modern inventions weren’t literally produced by indigenous people of the ancient world, they have surpassed their level of intelligence. Indigenous people concentrated their focus on spiritually inclined advancements, while the western world invests their knowledge in building artificial intelligence.

The numeral system is not just another invention, it is the DNA of all inventions, making it the most important and advanced creation in human history. This system was conceived by our ancestor’s ability to access the body of supreme intelligence (Dark matter) and finding an absolute answer that has revolutionized humanity.

Humans can never compete with God Almighty because regardless of our accomplishments the essence of our ability is created by God. The potentials we have at our disposal are all subjected to the structural layout of our DNA, which was created by God Almighty. Likewise, as long as the western world’s advancements are subjected to the use of the numeral system, they will never be in any position to compete with the indigenous world or people, the authors of this supreme mathematical DNA structure.

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