Water Recipe

Water Recipe
Ingredients and Method
There are various ways to boost the alkalinity of your drinking water. I will mention some of the more common and convenient ways to do this. Firstly, your water should have a minimum alkalinity of 7.0 on the PH scale. Secondly, it is not healthy to use machines to rearrange the molecular structure of the water to make it alkaline. Not all alkalinity is healthy and done through a natural process, be cautious of those water machines. The molecular structure of water allows it to easily absorb the information of anything it comes in contact with. Do not use plastic bottles to store drinking water but instead glass. Plastic contains hazardous materials which are harmful to the body.
The best drinking water is the one that come from within earth surface. If you cannot get spring water from within earth, you can also leave the water out in our sun so that it may absorb its photons.
Another method is to use the water that is left over from your cooked vegetables.
The option that works best and more convenient for me is putting crystal stones in my water container before drinking it. I used quartz crystal which is one of the most powerful stones and it increases the potency of the water very quickly. You can use other crystals and stones.
Make sure to use distilled water for all of the above options.

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