What about Vanilla and Nutmeg?

What about Vanilla and Nutmeg?

If you love pastries, more likely, you love vanilla; naturally, because it is very flavorful. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive. Most of the vanillas in your neighborhood stores and supermarkets are modified; they are not 100% vanilla, made entirely from vanilla beans. Many of them contain alcohol, which is not so bad if you are only using it occasionally. Some vanillas contain more than just alcohol, as the only bad ingredient. In most in instances, the vanilla bean extract is the only good ingredient in them. Even worse, some contain all artificial ingredients. The ingredients in these modified vanillas create a lot of mucus in the body, especially in the respiratory system.

Some recipes do require that you use vanilla, or else you will not acquire proper results. In this case, it is better you use the vanilla with the alcohol (one bad ingredient) if you are looking for a less expensive option. I personally avoid using them entirely, this doesn’t mean that I will not use it in very (extremely) rare cases.

Instead of vanilla, there are three spices you can always use that will get the job done when making most pastries. One of them is also a bit controversial. The three ingredients are allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg, the third being the controversial one. Many of people are against using nutmeg, but not us. Nutmeg is a wild plant, but not only is it natural; we have yet to find any tangible evidence of it being bad. However, the choice is yours, for you decide. Most of us are already familiar with the fact that nutmeg is a sleep inducer; therefore, it is wise that you do not consume a lot of it if you have important reasons to stay awake.

The important thing is to be very observant if you notice any signs that your food is adversely affecting you, don’t ignore it. Always avoid any food that shows any sign that is threatening to the health of your body.

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