What Does This Warning Label Really Means

What Does This Warning Label Really Means

Many of you may have come across the above warning label before. I personally have never seen it until recently. When I first saw it, I was a bit terrified by it. I immediately researched what it really meant and also called a company that had this label on one of their products I was using.

I found out that it is actually a law in California, under proposition 65, for food and other types of products to have this warning message. The label is very misleading and unnerving. Despite that it says that the product contains these hazardous chemicals, it is not necessarily factual.

The state of California implemented this law to protect itself against potential lawsuits. The strategy they are using is as follows: If you find chemicals in these products or get hurt by way of consuming them, you cannot sue them because they did warn you about it. They are simply protecting themselves ahead of time. Due to this, even products that are safe still have to wear this same label.

Since it is unclear to whether or not a certain product may contain hazardous chemicals, the best thing to do is to contact the company that made the product to find out.

I also found out that some companies are not obligated to have this warning label on their products if their capacity is under 10 members. Of course, this doesn’t seem to make much sense, because the capacity of a company has nothing to do with hazardous chemicals that may be in their products.

Our advice to you is, whenever you are purchasing these products, stick to buying organic. If you have doubts, simply contact the company the made the product you are using. Also remember, as stated in a previous article, organic doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is natural, but it is a guide that let you know if your food has been sprayed with chemicals or not.

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