What is a Devil Plant?

What is a Devil Plant

Each entity within nature is created to be intuitively supportive of other entities, as opposed to just receiving their benefits and not offering any in return. All of this takes place in a well developed system of interdependence, authored by Mother Nature. None of nature’s components are self-sustainable, whereby, they are independent of the support from other entities; neither are they void of being the support themselves (the support for others). Nature understands that selfishness, which is a fuel for destruction is a quality that can bring forth its own ultimate demise.

Destructive – is the defining quality of that which is often characterized as the devil, an abusive and selfish force in nature. When we speak of the devil, it is not in reference to any superficial or mythological character that is conceived out of the minds of human superstition. Rather, logically speaking, a devil is any state of being that is by nature more destructive than creative. For example: germs are devils, but at this time let us focus on the devils in the macroscopic plant kingdom.

A devil plant is one that did not come about by the will of nature/God but through human’s intervention, manipulation and perversion of nature. This process is known as grafting or hybridization. Once a plant is grafted from its natural source, it no longer has an affinity with nature; it then becomes disobedient to the laws and cycles that it used to be in conformity with in its natural state. This means that it is disobedient to the dictated laws of our Supreme Creator, and this is exactly what defines the true nature of a devil. These laws of nature includes the seasonal cycles in which a plant maybe fruitful or not.

A natural plant is unselfish, it receives support (minerals, etc.) from various sources in nature to grow and flourish, but then that plant returns the favor by acting as a support for other entities. Whether it is by fertilizing the soil that it grew from or purifying the air, etc., its support is inevitable.

When a hybrid is planted in the soil, it will grow just like the natural plant would, it will utilize as much benefits that is accessible to it as possible. But unlike the natural plant, the grafted plant is selfish, it only takes from the soil and offers nothing back in return. Once you plant these destructive devils into the soil you will notice a decline of the soil’s health/alkalinity. The mineral content of the soil depreciates, which will eventually destroy the soil to the point where nothing else will grow from it. This is one of the primary reasons why there is a need for artificial fertilizers to help boost the health of the depleted soil so that other plants can grow.

The Melanin-rich soil is not the only thing that these devil plants rob of minerals. They do the same to the human body; they take from it instead of supporting it. As stated in previous posts, in societies such as the western type, where most of the food is artificial/hybrid/devil, you will see an adverse effect reflected in the health of its population.

Grafted plants are entities that may carry similar characteristics as their source but they nevertheless lack some of its key components. These components are what make the plant conducive to its fellow Melanin family. If the plant or any source of food is identified as not being conducive to the body, a inescapable conflict will arrive.

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