What Should They Do?

What Should They Do

Options should always be provided in any effort to encourage change. Arguments that are only centered on “WHAT NOT TO DO” is not only discouraging but are not solution based.

Change means to transition, to relocate from one state of being to another, either mentally or physically. Upon telling someone to abandon where they are; you have to provide a place for them to go. Failure to do so will not only stagnate the chances of affecting change but it will further ones state of panic, confusion and hopelessness.

So many leaders are concrete in the mindset of being quicker to criticize than to actually provide tangible solutions. All instructions about WHAT NOT TO DO, should equally be met with the options of WHAT TO DO, this is how progression is propelled.

An ideal example of this practice is: if you provide a list of things people should not eat, then you should also have a list of things they can eat.

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