Why Eat Healthy, Death is Inevitable?

Why Eat Healthy, Death is Inevitable?

I told a family member of mine that he should try to eat right. He said, “We are all going to die someday anyway. Fate is fate, and when it is your time, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Eating right doesn’t stop you from getting hit by a bus.”

That was his justification for eating poorly. Many of you share this same way of thinking; I have heard it many times before.

My response to him was, “Why do you take care of the materialistic things you own, aren’t they all going to depreciate someday?” If you should follow his logic, it wouldn’t make sense to even bother to eat, since death is inevitable.

Naturally, he didn’t respond to my question… the point was clear, and it is one he had hoped I didn’t make. I continued, “People take care of the things they own because they value them… not because they think these things can last forever.”

I said, “The same concerns we have for the vanities we own, the same we should have for our temple, our body.” At this point, he abandoned the conversation; he said he had to go.

Yeah, we will all die one day, but the time and means makes a difference. Not just for ourselves, but for our family and loved ones. A healthy lifestyle allows us to enjoy life while we are still living, free of pain and suffering.

We do not eat healthy to cheat death; we do so because it is the right thing to do. Our choice of life should go beyond our selfish needs; it is about setting an example that will contribute to a better world.

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