Why Idolize the Lesser When You Have Greater…?

Why Idolize the Lesser When You Have Greater
It is common for people to use their grandparents or others who have lived little beyond eighty or ninety years old as a historical model for example. They believe that whatever dietary laws that were adapted by them were ideal. The person that uses their grandparents who lived that long as an example to follow will eventually realize that they are continuing on a path of declination. These ancestors only seem admirable because we are not comparing them to our greater ancestors who lived much longer. We are instead comparing them to people of our present time who rarely live that long.
Our later grandparents represent the turning point from our age of prosperity to our current state of decline. And if we should continue on that same path we will see further declination in our future generations to come. According to such fate, our great grandchildren many years from now will be singing the same song as we are singing right now. The only difference is they won’t be boasting about ancestors who almost lived to be a hundred years old, that number would change to a much lesser age by then.
Living close to being a hundred is only remarkable to someone who is coming from a more severe state of decline and is working their way back up the ladder. We should encourage those people. But don’t ever think to use an ancestor who lived to be almost a hundred years old when you have ancestors who lived far beyond that point. Always choose the best of your history as the example to follow.

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