Why Vegan

We are literally what we eat; whatever information that is taken into our body is what determines the quality of it. Our mental and physical wellness is entirely based upon this equation. As it is laid out today, the natural, necessary and important foods are placed in the background of everything else. Most people will more likely know how to prepare dishes with meat (flesh) but will less likely to be as creative with fruits and vegetable. Just think, if someone can make cooked flesh and blood taste delicious… Fruits and vegetable should have a higher potential in this department. We only need to devote enough time and effort.
One thing that will drive anyone into doing anything is a strong reason. For people who find themselves attached to practices or habits have strong reasons for their commitment. The reason may not necessarily be good but strong enough. Food is now entirely perverted; people just seem to eat for taste. Ask… how many of us actually know that sugar is an addictive drug that causes us to be unnaturally drawn to whatever food it is in? Not many are aware of this, but it offers a strong reason for our attraction to the food. From my observation I realized that most people are not as devoted to eating enough natural food because they do not have strong enough reasons. Neither do they at least know how to prepare a good and delicious meal. They will tell you they know fruits and vegetable is better but at a deeper level still believe it is optional.
Taking away the high levels of important from natural vegetation is a deception that is mostly executed by our educational system, media and television. At the highest level of such deception is that we (human beings) have evolved to our highest point of technology and civilization currently. Having good sources on ancient history will by all means refute this. After establishing that we have evolved then the next move was to display the people who are claiming to be responsible for this. We are always sure to examine the lifestyle and practices of these people so we can use them as examples. In a lot of cases these are the people with the most reckless lifestyle, practices and diet who are misleading the public.
If we are experiencing the epic era of mankind and that is the food that is being eaten by its authors then it only means that their food is at least neutral but not bad (working against them). I am saying this because people often contribute greatness to genetics with the exception of diet. Within the depths of our subconscious mind this is what is being registered. With this attempt validation, who dares to discredit flesh and starch now? But what if the ones who are claiming to be responsible are not the actual authors? Keep in mind that the true identity of the ancient Egyptian was hidden up until the 1960s. Even today some are still persistent in hiding their true identity. Knowing your in-depth history is also necessary in the proper application of your diet.
At Nu-Covenant we overstand that taste should be at most the secondary reason for enjoying and appreciating our food. The primary reason should be for the minerals that it has to contribute to our body. Nu-Covenant tries to get away as much as possible from the traditional presentation of “recipe website” and approach from a deeper perspective. We believe it is necessary for everyone to have some knowledge about the interaction between their diet and their body. Explore deeper into our website to learn about the herbs and spices that we use in our recipes and how they support our body. Having such knowledge will surely help you to overcome the addiction of bad food that is disguised by a pleasant taste.

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