The Willie Lynch Deception

The Willie Lynch Deception

The credit given to Willie Lynch is unjustifiable; of which has only falsely elevated him to a status of superiority. The Willie Lynch letter was merely written from an observational perspective. It was strategically inscribed in history in a format that gave Willie Lynch credit for an already existing social behavior.

Look around you, it is not a mystery, classicism and social bias, in regards to age, gender, “race”, color, etc. exist among all humans, not just Indigenous peoples, and it has always been that way, long before Willie Lynch.

Let’s zoom in a little on colorism. Willie Lynch is said to have born in 1742, yet you can find evidence of colorism in writings that existed long before his time. For example, in the 1611 King James Bible, right there in the first chapter of the Songs of Solomon.

Because many of you are taught to see everything through the spectacle of “race”, therefore, you think that this Bible passage is also about “race”. It clearly isn’t, rather, it is about colorism. The denotation of Black as “race” is a Western concept, and also a fairly new one.

Even today, among Indigenous peoples, Black is still used as a distinction of complexion, outside of the context of “race”. But if you do not understand the culture, you will not understand in which context Black is being used. This is why it is never wise to interpret the meaning of one culture through the lens of another.

In verse 5 of Songs of Solomon; as it appears to be a woman talking… she said the following, “I AM BLACK BUT COMELY…” At first, that sounded like a declaration of “race”. Until she also said the following… which is very important to pay attention to. She said, “Because the SUN hath looked upon me…” Basically, she is saying that her Blackness is due to Sunlight exposure. Since we all know that Sunlight doesn’t change “race”, we can all agree with absolute certainty that this is all in the context of complexion. And for the record, Sunlight does, however, change color, substantially.

The next important thing you have to pay attention to is the reference she made concerning her siblings, children of her mother. According to the context of her testimony, she is clearly implying that the only reason why she is darker than they are is due to the fact that she had more Sunlight exposure. Meaning, if they were in the Sun as much as she was, they too would have been Black, in complexion. She deliberately isolated our Sun (nothing else) as the sole cause of her Blackness.

She didn’t say they had different mother or father and that is the reason why she is darker. No, she made it very clear; it was the Sun which was the cause of her darker complexion. In other words, she didn’t say or implied that they were of a different “race”. 

According to this passage in the Bible (verses 5-6), this woman is clearly exposing colorism, which led her to feel very inferior about herself due to being darker than her siblings. And this all existed long before the birth of Willie Lynch.

Colorism is much deeper than Willie Lynch can ever understand. You must stop feeding Willie’s ego, by giving him credit for something he didn’t have the mental capacity to concoct

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