Women: An Adjective of Insult?

Women: An Adjective of Insult

Some qualities men possess are different than that of women; likewise, women are privileged to their own unique attributes that are not offered to men. These advantages are only for the purpose of creating a justifiable need for women and equally the same for men, none is superior to the other. The uniqueness that each gender has makes them valuable and creates a need for their existence.

The abilities of a woman is a manifestation of her innate value that were specifically designed in accordance to the duties she was given to uphold in earth and in the entire Dark universe. What a woman is incapable of doing does not come as a result of her having less within her than that of a man, it is present, but only dormant.

When the attributes of a man and a woman are combined in unity, a perfect completion is achieved. A man completes a woman and a woman completes a man, together they are one.

Within every conversation, the concern about validity, context and perception is always important. And if not properly executed, the wrong message can easily be interpreted that may lead to injury. Something can be validated as being truthful, yet the context in which it was said can create a perception that is very harmful to others.

For example: it is very truthful that women are generally weaker than men, but this is not in any way a disadvantage when the reasons are explained in the right context that will render this quality justified. However, once you take this attribute out of its natural context and isolate it, then you are supporting injustice towards women.

Too often we have seen men, who are more likely insecure within themselves or maybe intimidated by the will of women, try to devalue the feminine principles. They subconsciously do so by taking attributes that are generally affiliated with women and use them as terms of insult towards others. I.e., "you acting all emotional like women", "you are weak like a woman", "you gossip too much like women".

It is undeniable that these undesirable characteristics can be identified in women, but it is important to highlight in what regards they are present. Being egotistical is not a natural nature of a man; it is a quality of a man’s lower nature. Likewise, being gossipy, too emotional are only a qualities of a woman’s lower nature. This means it is never appropriate to generalize by saying "women" without making the distinction, or else, it is an injustice and abuse to them.

It is always inappropriate to take any attribute of a woman to insult a man, this automatically devalues the woman. It is very common insult in society and surprisingly even among people who profess to be conscious. It is necessary to put an end to this foreign principle of men versus women culture. In the ancient indigenous culture’s the women sit equally with the men, none is without the other. This should always be remembered and never forgotten.

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