Worms on My Lettuce, Holes in My Greens

Worms on My Lettuce, Holes in My Greens

Does this sound familiar? “Damn it, another worm in my bag of lettuce. Look at my callaloo, filled with holes as if the insects were having a feast. You know what, put them back, let’s get those over their instead, look at how nice and clean they are. Unlike these with all them holes and worms. Imagine that, how could they sell something like this.”

But before you abandon ship, hold on, wait just a minute. Rejoice, you should be happy with that worm and those holes, that’s a good sign. That’s a sign that tells you your food will not slowly kill you from the inside. It means that your food is actually good, and not sprayed with poison.

Yeah, that’s right. The reason you don’t find worms and insects eating those other fruits and vegetables is simply because they are sprayed with pesticide. Each cell in your body is smaller than the worms and insects that are eating your food. Think about it, if the pesticide does that kind of damage to them, what do you think it does to your little tiny microscopic cells? Lucky for you, the amount you are consuming each time is not enough to exact immediate death, but slowly the trigger is being pulled. It takes but a few years to feel the impact, and that you will if you continue eating pesticide foods.

Forget about the holes; throw those fruits and vegetables in some water with a little salt or baking soda, or maybe just water alone, the choice is yours. Wash them thoroughly and get to eating. If you are worried about the holes, then close your eyes when you eat. Just joking, but am sure you get the point.

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