Your Thinking is Expensive, Not Really the Food

Your Thinking is Expensive, Not Really the Food

They say eating healthy is too expensive, which of course is not very far from the truth. The question we then ask them is, “How did you arrive at such conclusion?”

We found out that this issue is primarily with their thinking, not really their financial status, and what they can afford.

They practice what would be considered as linear thinking. It is due to this one-dimensional thinking why most people consider health foods to be expensive; because they compare them directly to their unhealthy and cheaper equivalents.

For example, 25 pounds of spelt flour for $60 is expensive, if you were to directly compare it to the same quantity of white flour, which can be purchased for less than $20.

A diverse mind calculates things based on priority, not necessarily by categories or likeness, but according to needs.

The solution is to not compare the price of spelt flour to that of white flour. Instead, compare the price of your spelt flour to… for example, your cable (bill) that does nothing good for you, which you are paying a lot of money for.

Compare the price of your needs to that of the things that are unimportant, things that only caters to a false sense of happiness. 

Once you begin to make these diverse and justifiable comparisons, your health foods will not seem so expensive.

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