Zodiac Signs and Relationships

Zodiac Signs and Relationships

According to some astrologists, in regards to relationships, not all zodiac signs are compatible with each other. There are four different elements to which this rule applies namely fire, air, earth and water. They believe that someone who is ruled by a fire sign is most suitable mate is someone who is ruled by an air sign; and likewise, earth signs are compatible with water signs. Their theory states that, for example, someone who is a Leo (fire) wouldn’t be compatible with another Leo (fire).

If this theory was, in fact, truthful, Nature would be in turmoil. These are the elements that define the primary forces of Nature, and as we all know, Nature is a very harmonious environment. Whereby, this proves that all of these different elements are complementary to each other. According to this theory, not only would couples who violate this principle would be in conflict with each other, but even immediate family members, including parents and children.

Good spirit, unselfishness, and kind nature are what hold a relationship together. All forces are compatible with each other and have proven to be supportive and interdependent of each other according to Nature.

In the context of these forces (zodiac energy); the only time they are incompatible is when people submit themselves to their lower nature which is influenced by these elements. When this happens, it doesn’t matter what sign they are, they are destructive to everyone. Let us use a Leo for example, the higher nature of a Leo is strong leadership, but ego is their lower nature. If two Leos should join together in a relationship and allow their lower nature to dominate them, their relationship would not last a day. But if they are more inclined to their higher Nature, they will most definitely become very successful and powerful.

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